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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:58 am 
Bengal Kitten

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Hi there

I am interested to find other Bengal cats who are on fluoxetine hydrochloride i.e. Prozac.

To give you some background I have two Bengal brothers (Rajah & Neelix), aged almost 8. About this time 2 years ago we completed a renovation at home. Once the renovation was completed and we began introducing the boys to the house we found Rajah became very dominant of the living area and would not allow Neelix to enter. Eventually this bad behaviour became worse and he began attacking Neelix everytime he used the litter etc I tried a thousand options including advice from a Cat Behaviourist. After several months we had to resort to the last option - Prozac. Within 2-3 weeks of being on 0.5ml (we use a liquid compound) it was a miracle - Rajah was essentially cured!! I couldn't believe it.

We ran a course of 2 bottles of the medication, which lasted almost 6 months. At this time my vet wanted us to reduce his dosage. He did ok on 0.4ml however spat the dummy and reverted back to old behaviours at 0.3ml. We quickly put him back on 0.5ml only to realise we had a different bottle of Prozac than previously used (it was flavoured differently and did not require refrigeration, unlike prior bottles). My vet was quick to action and replace. However it has only recently come to MY attention now that his medicine was also replaced with a compound from a different lab.

And since this time, almost 12 months ago this dosage of 0.5ml has not been effective.

Could it be that different labs produce totally different medicine levels? Im not sure if anyone is familiar with these labs, but initially it was a compound from "Slade" and this was effective on 0.5mil. Ever since he has received medication from "Bova" 0.5ml has never been effective.

Rajah is 5.2kg. He is believed to suffer from separation anxiety. He is much stronger and bigger built than his brother. I have come home to blood, fur, and sh!t throughout the house :( He can currently go several hours as normal with his brother, but in an instant moment he can completely snap and attack Neelix. It is no longer related to litter either (I replaced the litter trays with domes as advised by the behaviourist).

Soooo does anyone have a similar situation/Bengal on Bova or even Slade Prozac, and if so what dosage is effective for you?

I am currently awaiting a new bottle of Slade, however their delivery times can take several days up to several weeks - this being the main reason my vet clinic stopped utilising Slade as a supplier. My vet also increased his Bova dosage to 0.8mil.. my gut instinct has increased him to 1ml. It has been 1-2 weeks. No change.

Please help!! I want my boys back together.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:16 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Welcome to our forum. I have no experience with Prozac for cats, although there are members here who have used this medication. I realize some cats require medication, but I'm not a huge proponent of putting a cat on something like this. I know the behavior is bad -- and you get at your wits end. But it appears you have been using different compounds -- and yes, they can vary! Your vet is always your best source of information, but you might want to do your research online as well.

It sounds as if you're trying to say the renovation of your home caused this change in behavior as it appears the kitties were okay with each other for about 6 years. Bengals do not like change. They also do not enjoy a lot of noise and activity, which the renovation would have caused. New smells in the home could have triggered this as well. But, it appears to be years later and still having issues.

In researching, you may find that medications sometimes have no effect after a while -- the system gets used to the drug. You might want to go to and read about the holistic options he offers. I'm not endorsing them, but some people here have tried them -- some with success and some not, but only you can decide that.

I'm sure, too, there are episodes of My Cat From Hell, which Jackson Galaxy hosts that air on Animal Planet and their website that you may want to view. There may be some things there you can try, other than medication.

I wish you luck ... and please keep us informed on how things go.

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