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 Post subject: Bathroom issues?
PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:16 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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I have a 3-3.5 year old male Bengal and a 3 year old female.. my male was having issues peeing, tiny pee with what looked like blood in it. I took him to the vet they sedated him the whole nine yards took unrine sample/culture/ultra sound/ X-ray. They gave him an inflamitory as wel to try and help relax his sphincter. No visible stones no culture issues, X-ray looked good, small inflamment of the bladder wasn’t concerned sent me home down 800 bucks with no answer.. fast forward 3 weeks made litter changes, put on strictly wet food diet now which is a UR food for now, Purina which I don’t like but the vet recommended it. He’s urniating more normally now but still seems to be struggling a bit and a lot of the time not very much comes out.. since I’ve brought him home both him and now her seem to not be pooping.. vet once again isn’t to concerrened gave us lax-a-day for humans and said give a small amount, as needed with no time line..when I do they poop with in 5-20 mins but will not without giving them the drug..kind of concerns me.. it’s been little over a week since we started with the lax-a-day.
Wondering if anyone has seen an issue like this? Not sure why she’s having issues with bathroom now either she’s never had issues at all. Mostly worried about my boy on this one like I said female is completely normal just seems to have stopped pooping since I brought the boy back home.

 Post subject: Re: Bathroom issues?
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:21 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Welcome to the forum! Usually I will bow to a vet since they have all the training I do not! However, this is obviously a digestive issue. First of all -- I'd stay away from Purina! They are having severe issues with their food poisoning and killing cats and dogs. I would switch to another higher-quality brand for urinary issues. You might want to check out Royal Canin, and I believe you would need a prescription from your vet.

Just know this ... your kitty is not happy! Imagine if you were having this issue. The key here is the food goes in the mouth and the stomach works to break up the food to be absorbed in the small intestine, then the waste goes into the large intestine and out the body. Something is going in somewhere. It appears all the right tests were run by the vet. Unfortunately, something like Irritable Bowel Disease isn't readily found in any of the tests. However, your kitty was having urinary tract issues, too. Cats have a nice stream of urine when they pee. A cat who struggles to pee and poop is having issues -- really big issues! It is not uncommon to have these once in a blue moon, but continuously -- there is something going on.

Naturally, I would start with the food! Whatever is going into your kitty has to come out of your kitty! So, I would suggest chasing to a different wet food and see if that helps. Make sure your kitty is drinking a lot of water to flush out the kidneys and produce urine.

If these issues continue after trying some new wet food, I might try a different vet and see if you can find one who specializes in gastro-intestinal issues. I know you have already spent a ton of money on your baby, but if things are not getting better, then that's where I'd go. Note, most can get your kitty's test records from your current vet, so the tests do not have to be run again, but a second opinion is what may be needed here. Good luck.

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