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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:42 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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When Spanky's sister, Sparky, was ill the vet prescribed a medication and cautioned me: "its side affect is that it will make Sparky hyper-active". "Okay, so how do i tell the difference?"

For their annual, Sparky was carried in first on her leash to the empty reception area and then it was Spanky's turn and he WRHANNAed as loud as he could and a staffer ran out and asked: "when was Spanky stabbed and has the bleeding stopped?" "That is just Spanky greeting the office staff in his best Bengal voice."

The three of us were waiting on the reception area when a miniature poodle, "Princess" walked over to Spanky to elicit praise from me. Spanky, who was larger than Princess, dropped his ears down, showed his pearly whites and growled at her, much to Sparky's delight. Princess spun around in a millisecond and returned to her owner. Immediately thereafter, the office manager announced that there was an empty treatment room for the three of us to wait in!

Finally, the vet's office had 5 black kittens ready for adoption in the lobby and while Spanky was receiving a vaccination, I was carrying Sparky around and she looked at the kittens and turned to me with the same look the villagers showed when they first saw Frankenstein!

ptolemy and the Bengal 3

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:07 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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I could never take Raiden to the vet wearing only a leash. I've seen owners carry in a dog or cat and I've seen Lost Pet posts where the dog or cat jumped out of the arms and ran off and is now roaming somewhere in the vicinity.

We go to the vet in a carrier. The waiting room is large and there are usually other dogs and cats there. Raiden simply hunkers down and stays quiet while the dogs want to run up to the carrier. Raiden is really a perfect patient at the vet. They love him. When he injured his "shoulder," the vet had to maneuver it around and around and Raiden just screamed out in pain, but never did anything. He takes his shots easily. Does not enjoy opening his mouth to have his teeth examined. He will growl a little bit, but never fights.

Now, the DSH -- on our last vet visit in December ... I had wanted them to shave his butt because his fur is so long in the winter and he wasn't cleaning back there and the poop was getting stuck on the fur. They had put us in the operating room rather than an examination room because of the crowded waiting room. When it came time for them to do it, Legs somehow got free and was running around the oxygen tanks, monitoring equipment and three of us were freaking out. I was trying to get him back into the carrier. Finally someone came in with a long thick glove and commandeered him back into the carrier. Didn't get the procedure done ......

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