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Managing Corona Positive Catteries

Breeding Cats:

Studs housed individually. Titre every three months. Glasgow tests to a true negative.

Queens housed individually. If space at minimum, in two or threes max. dependent on titre levels. Put like to like. Test every three months and move queens groupings around according to titre levels. 0’s together, low numbers together, highs together.

Gradually, you will be able to determine if any of your breeders are carriers. Usually, titre levels start to rise then should start falling away. If they stay at a high/medium level then you probably have a carrier. Carriers need isolating, altering and petting out into a single pet house only. Carriers must be removed as they can random shed and re-infect other cats that have reached a negative titre.


Ensure that any visiting queens have been tested by Glasgow and refuse any with a titre.

Do not house studs and queens together. Queens must have separate quarters. When both queen and stud have voided their bowels, remove all food, water and litter trays from the mating area. Sweep up all litter debris and clean area with 1:32 bleach/water solution. Put queen and stud together for a mating session. Remove back to own quarters and repeat regularly over the period queen is with you for stud.

Do the same with your own queens to your stud. It is vital that the studs and queens do not come into contact with any fecal contaminated litter and litter dust. Use separate cleaning brushes, pans and litter scoops for each cat.

Raising kittens:

Put queen into a sterilized birthing room a week prior to delivery date. Change queens litter and bedding daily. Clean up all litter debris. When kittens are mobile, remove them to a sterilized area of their own. Allow mum to visit 3-4 times a day to feed and clean kittens until kittens are weaned. Once kittens are weaned, allow mum in morning and evening for a suckle and love time. Whenever mum is in with kittens, remove any kitten litter trays, food and water dishes.

If you do not have the space to place kittens separately from their mother, ensure her litter tray is on a high enough ledge so that the kittens cannot get into it. If mother is tempted to use kittens litter tray, make a cover (a cardboard box is ideal) to put over the kittens litter tray with a hole cut out, large enough for kittens to get in and out but too small for mum to get in. Change mums and kittens litter trays daily and clean up litter scatter and 1:32 bleach/water wash floor and surfaces. Change bedding daily. Use separate litter scoops for mum’ litter tray and kittens.

Keep litters separated and in their own quarters. Do not allow them to mix with any of your other cats or other litters. Have an overall and a separate set of slippers for your kitten room. Sterilise hands before entering.

Note: Titres do not go down quickly. Cattery management is vital to keep your kittens corona virus negative. Remember, if your kittens don’t have corona virus, they cannot mutate into FIP.


Best wishes, Sue
Chataya - United Kingdom Tonkinese Breeder
(retired Bengal breeder)

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