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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:40 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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I have few questions about breeding a Bengal. I understand some here get upset about the subject, therefore kindly provide your feedback based and your experience on point of view... that's what I'm seeking.

I've been an animal lover since childhood. I've raised many pets of my own and took care of few from the street. Be it Siamese, Persians, Retreivers, fish, Canaries, Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatiel, ducks, rabbits, pigeons, hamsters... etc. Other than enjoyed bonding with them, the happiest moments were when they start nesting and delivering babies. The experience of having a family of pets was so rewarding. Even my son's favorite moments were those of him being a baby playing with baby pets. That said my approach to breed a couple of Bengals in the future is a self-rewarding habit and has nothing to do with financial gains like some accusations I read online pointed towards Bengal owners who refused to neuter/spay.

I'm receiving my first Bengal female kitten next month, and I'm already in search for another male kitten abroad. And I'm not going to neuter/spay them, in order to enjoy them like I enjoyed the previous pets I had before. I'm registered on TICA and plan to follow all their regulations.

I'm seeking to learn from you, therefore my questions are:
(1) why the sensitivity about breeding Bengals? Not only this forum, but in most videos, articles and social media groups people advocate against breeding Bengals.

(2) why are we pet keepers/owners interfering in the cycles of breeding Bengals? In nature all animals, birds and fish breed without birth control. Why do we set the age of pregnancy and the interval period between them? In nature, nobody interferes.

(3) I learned that it's advised not to breed a female Bengal before her first year. How do you breeders who have pets among you at home separate the male from the female before the year ends and in between pregnancies? If you're caging them, then that's a pets business not a family housing pets. I won't do so.

(4) My Siamese back in the days used to drive me nuts in her heat cycles, and I used to give her annual injections to stop her from going into heats... yes, I didn't breed her because my family couldn't house more pets. And the cat had absolutely no side effects from the injection. Why the advocacy against contraceptive pills/injections for Bengals?

(5) if Bengal breeders don't separate the male and female in cages, and you don't use contraceptive pills/injections then what do you do?

(6) to those who don't neuter/spay, don't use contraceptives or allow to mate, how do you deal with the heat periods and spraying? Don't tell me you can live with it, please.

Again, I'm seeking to learn from you... therefore, don't get me to wear a flame suit ;)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:49 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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You've asked a lot of questions. I know breeders have to start somewhere but having a mentor who has bred cats for years is really helpful.

Let's face it ... you become competition to all other bengal breeders. This puts more kittens in the mix. Thus, supply and demand controls the price. The more new breeders out there, the more competition and the fact that some kittens may not get adopted out within the timeframe and end up staying with the breeder or having to be sold for a less amount.

A good breeder spaces out the litters for a queen. Rarely do they breed the queen in her first heat. Most wait until the queen is a year old. And I do believe TICA regulations limit the number of litters per year. Females can do into heat before completely weaning of their current litter. Breeders want their queens to recover from the pregnancy and birth. You would not expect a human to get pregnant immediately after having a baby -- although it does happen. The body needs time to recuperate if you want to have a subsequent successful litter.

Most breeders with a stud have them separated. Studs mark, studs can be aggressive toward the females. Studs can also be aggressive toward the kittens. Breeding IS a business. If you are selling a product, you are in business! If you want to keep all the cats together, that's your prerogative, but it's not the norm and you may end up with a very young female pregnant. Note that breeders want the healthiest and best quality bengal. Anything less, means the breeder doesn't care and only wants the $$$.

I have never bred cats so I can't comment on birth control. Currently OntarioBengals is the only breeder posting. I understand howling females are aggravating. Check with your vet and see how they feel about contraception for queens. Check with other breeders and see what they do.

You really need to have a "plan" with this and not just have a female and male and hope for the best. Your kitties need to be tested for ALL health issues prior to ever mating. You need to have an area for both of them and then each of them. Some breeders have created the greatest enclosures. And one recently completed a "birthing" room for her females in a spare bedroom. They are luxurious spaces. She just had two queens give birth (one had 9 kittens) and the areas are spacious and comfortable for the mommies and kitties.

Note that while these cats are still "pets," they are being used to reproduce. They still need love and attention. You can find a lot of information out if you just go to Facebook and follow some of the high-end breeders' pages. They post videos, pictures, and talk about their kitties.

Hopefully Ontario will come on and post her comments.

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