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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:11 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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Orion Rehome

It breaks my heart to do this, but I need to be a responsible owner. My mental health is deteriorating, and along with it, my ability to care for Orion.

It would be nice to find a foster home, who could return him to me if I got better. But I seriously doubt that will happen, so any family who take him in, are likely to keep him forever. It's really important you can commit 10 years for Orion and can keep him for the rest of his life. I really need you to be a forever home for him.

About Orion
- Born December 2008
- Orion is a show quality bengal
- Was abused by a big tall man as a kitten and is still scared of big tall strange men
- Orion is a hunter! Any problem with mice will vanish. Be prepared for his little gifts.
- Orion does not tolerate being handled. To do this you will need to lure him with Dreamies. When he's stuffing his face, scruff him!
- Orion has NEVER bit or scratched me maliciously (bar playing as a kitten). However, when handling him he may scratch. Therefore an adult will need to do this.
- Orion will bond with one person.
- Orion can walk on a harness, and loves going for walks. Even without a harness. When I have a cigarette outside in the evening I walk with him.
- Orion cries A LOT. To the point my family (when I was staying with them) would shut him out early. As a result he almost found a new home. Even I can get a little annoyed with his crying. Therefore you will need to be able to tolerate this.
- Due to the last point a family with older children would be prefect.
- Orion is a fighter, so an area with a low cat population would be good.
- Orion needs outdoor space
- Orion will eat Felix (in jelly is his favs). He doesn't like Whiskas. He loves expensive cat food, raw meat, especially mince, cooked meat, ham, tuna, prawns and salmon. He doesn't have a sweet taste bud, so is a meat only kinda cat
- Orion will bond with one person strongly
- Orion can tolerate little people, as he's used to my 3 year old niece running up to him. Although she's a little rough, he's never gone for her
- Orion can play fetch like a dog
- He's a total baby and will turn anti-clockwise before curling up and sucking his leg.
- Google 'the cat who is happy and he knows it' click on videos and the first hit, orange kitty on blue floor, is him. As you can see he likes talking

About You
- single female or female only house would be great or
- Family with older children
- Live in low populated cat area with lots of green around you.
- Prepared to be a forever home.
- Happy to visit me and Orion 2-3 times to make sure he's the right cat for you
- Happy to let me visit your home
- Happy to let me then visit your home with Orion
- Finally, I will visit you a third time, with Orion, all his stuff, and I will say goodbye.
- Happy to give me an email once a month to update me on him.
- Happy to make a donation to either RSPCA, Blue Cross or Cat's Protection.

There's so many adverts here, I really do hope I find that special family for him. I am based in Sutton (greater London), Surrey.

Please get in touch.


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