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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:03 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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It is with a heavy heart that I am writing you to see if any of you may know someone in the Las Vegas area who would be a good home for my awesome Bengal cat Otis. Otis is a male and will be three years old on February 14, 2018. He is up to date on vaccinations and is neutered. It's by no fault of Otis that I need to rehome him. He loves people and is such a fun pet. He loves walking on his leash and running on his One Fast Cat cat wheel. About four months ago, I had a baby and thought that I could keep Otis with a newborn in the house. Generally it hasn't been an issue, however, there have been a few close calls and I just can't risk something happening to the baby. A few close calls are a few too many with a baby. Otis can have high energy, consistent with the Bengal breed, which is one of the reasons we wanted a Bengal (he is also a cuddler). Before we had the baby, I loved it when Otis would get his "crazies" and run around the house. We would encourage it and have him chase his toys. During some of his energetic rompings, he has had near misses landing right on the baby. He is super social and wants to be part of everything which, again, is one of the reasons why he is such a cool cat, but has had its drawbacks with a baby. For example, Otis has jumped on the changing table while I've been changing the baby and in the crib when trying to put the baby down. Otis just wants to be a part of everything, but obviously I can't have him doing that. I am rarely further than a few feet away from the baby, but sometimes have to put him down to do housework, etc. or put him on his play mat for tummy time, etc. which has almost resulted in accidents with Otis. Again, no fault of Otis, he was just being a curious cat, or saw birds through the window, but the close calls were too close. Thank God so far I have been there to prevent any accidents. To avoid the potential of a mishap, I now have to put Otis in a bedroom during these times.

Another important reason that I'm looking to rehome Otis, is that I also don't feel like I have the time or attention he deserves any more now that I'm constantly attending to the baby. I used to take Otis out for walks every evening and play with him for chunks of time during the day. Now, I rarely take him out for walks and feel like I keep him locked up alone in a bedroom far to often to prevent accidents. I love Otis so much! He has been with me during some really hard times but I feel that for the baby's safety and for Otis' quality of life, he needs to be properly rehomed. He absolutely craves love and attention, and I'm just not hitting the mark any more. I'm reaching out to all of you because I want to ensure that he ends up in a fitting home as he is a very special cat and a breed that requires more than your typical house cat does. I have lots of toys, a very tall cat tree, a Litter Robot, and a cat wheel to go with him. Thank you in advance for any guidance or direction.


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